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130 suspects arrested for various crimes

KENSINGTON B – Suspects arrested during the operation face various charges.


KENSINGTON B – About 40 drunk driving motorists were among the suspects who were arrested during Johannesburg’s West Cluster joint crime prevention operations.

Different police stations within this cluster include Randburg police and other law enforcement agencies conducted the operation on the night of Saturday, 4 February.

The cluster media standby communication officer and Randburg police spokesperson, Captain Johannes Maja said the operation yielded positive results. He said the arrests of the drunk motorists would decrease the rate of accidents and fatalities.

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“Stop-and-search operations were also conducted and suspects were arrested for being in possession of dagga and drugs, dealing with drugs, armed robbery and common robberies,” he said.

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Some of the suspects were arrested for house break-ins and theft, being in possession of house break-in tools, assaults under the domestic violence act, possession of stolen motor vehicles and contravening the railway crossing-line act.

“About 130 suspects will appear in different courts to answer to their charges,” he said.

Details: Randburg police, 011 449 9000.

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