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Offensive adverts will not be tolerated

WILGEHEUWEL – Metro police explain how residents can report illegal advertising.


WILGEHEUWEL – Despite attempts by Metro police officers to enforce outdoor advertising bylaws in Wilgeheuwel, illegal advertising still affects residents in and around the area.

In particular, posters and stickers which advertise abortions and penis enlargements are the most offensive and are seen all over the city on street poles, fences and electricity boxes.

Spokesperson for Metro police, Wayne Minnaar, said the Metro Police Bylaw Management Unit traces individuals responsible for illegal signage. “Often the contact numbers on the signs are not the people responsible, so officers then have to work through a second, third or fourth party until they get the perpetrators who are fined R1 000 per poster,” said Minnaar.

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“If they are illegal immigrants, they get arrested and are deported – which often is the case with [penis] enlargement adverts. More than 10 individuals have been deported since 2013 who were linked to illegal posters.”

Residents who wish to report any illegal advertising can lodge a complaint with the Metro Police Bylaw Management Unit offices.

Details: 011 490 1630.

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