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Vaal Dam level race to new high

Level increased by 6,83 per cent in one day

The heavy rainfall experienced across the country has had a positive impact on water levels in the Integrated Vaal River System (IVRS).

The Record asked residents to let us how much rainfall they have measured, and received a few responses.

Geoffrey Tumber from Wilro Park said he measured about 88 millimetres of rain in the past 48 hours, while Sarina Pieterse measured 96 millimetres in a 36-hour period. Bonita van Wyk from Florida Park measured a whopping 105 millimetres in a 24 hour period. 

Yesterday (21 February) the City of Johannesburg tweeted that 54 millimetres of rain were measured in the IVRS catchment area, resulting in the Vaal Dam level increasing to just below 65 per cent.

Today (22 February), Weather SA’s Twitter page revealed that the levels have increased by another 6,83 per cent in the past 24 hours, rising to above 70 per cent. The current level of 71,62 per cent was last seen 20 months ago.

The other dams in the IVRS have also shown an increase. The Grootdraai Dam is at 107,1 per cent, Sterkfontein Dam at 88,3 per cent and Bloemhof Dam at 51,1 per cent.

Weather SA also reported that Gauteng has received an excellent amount of rainfall in the past 48 hours, with Johannesburg receiving 109 millimetres, Pretoria 87 millimetres and the Vaal catchment area 107 millimetres.

Although this is very good news, it does not mean that water restrictions have been lifted, said Eleanor Mavimbela, Johannesburg Water spokesperson. “Please note that the status quo in Johannesburg remains,” she said.

Residents are urged to continue saving water by using it sparingly.

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Vaal Dam levels continue upward trend

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