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City has exciting national library week planned

JOBURG — And it's just around the corner...


JOBURG — Get your reading glasses on and head to your nearest library from 18 to 25 Mach for the South African annual Library Week.

From library reading tree sessions for children as young as five years old, to arts and crafts session for senior citizens, the City of Johannesburg’s public libraries are joining in on the celebrations by bringing reading activities, spelling competitions and motivational talks to its widely scattered libraries.

Library and Information Services operational manager, Maryna Moolman, spoke more about the Library Reading Tree, aimed at young children.

“Citywide, libraries will deliver [this programme]. The target is primary schools in disadvantaged areas. Transport and non-perishable snack packs will be organised,” she said.

This programme will have children reading pre-selected books for five minutes, swap their books and read for another five minutes.

Kids as young as five can join in on the fun and activities planned at libraries citywide. Photo: Chantelle Fourie.


Then, the kids will share what they read with each other. Finally, the librarian will also read to the children.

“Children will write their names [on] paper leaves and paste it on the paper tree and become part of the Library Reading Tree, which comes with membership forms that they take back home,” Moolman added.

In Region B, staff will visit the Jordan House Old Age Home on 22 March from 10am for a senior citizen programme including an arts and crafts session, flower arranging, a quiz on memories of the 20th century and finally, a tea party.

You can also attend a motivational talk by nine-year-old Stacey Fru, who published an award-winning book in 2015, titled Smelly Cats, at Ivory Park Library on 23 March at 2pm, Florida Library on 18 March at 9am, Emndeni Library on 18 March at 11am and Rhodes Park Library on 25 March at 10 am.

Library week is also a fine-free period that residents can use to return overdue books without paying a fine. This period will extend to 1 April.

Senior librarian at the Johannesburg City Library explores the library’s archives. Photo: Chantelle Fourie.


“With a network of 87 libraries [that strive to be] active community partners towards developing an informed and educated nation. Over and above information resources, libraries provide a safe space for children to enjoy themselves with books and learners to do their homework. A friendly librarian is always available to help and channel energy. This is what library week is all about – my library, your library,” Moolman said.

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