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National Awkward Moments Day

See the humour in everyday awkward moments on #NationalAwkwardMomentsDay

18 March is National Awkward Moments Day and it is celebrated annually.

This is a day that every person can relate to as we have all had our own awkward moments from time to time – a part of life that just happens.

Awkwardness or embarrassment is defined as an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself, and we have all had the pleasure – or is it displeasure? – of experiencing one of these moments.

Have you ever called someone by the wrong name, tripped over nothing, walked into a door, had completely the wrong word come out of your mouth or just forgotten what you were doing? The list could go on and on.

Sometimes, things just seem to go wrong, and no matter what you do, you cannot set it right. It might cause you to want to run and hide. But, the reality is, whether it is National Awkward Moments Day – or any other day – everyone has them.

To celebrate today, you should try to find the ability to laugh at yourself. See the humour in awkward moments and have fun with them.

Use #NationalAwkwardMomentsDay to post on social media.

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