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A community orientated strategy laying the foundations for a safer Florida

In order to solve complex problems, sometimes all it takes is a set of fresh eyes to untangle the quandary.

In the year that he celebrates 30 years of service to the people of South Africa, Colonel Amos Lefa Tsotetsi takes his place in one of Florida’s hottest seats. The new Florida Police station commander has barley been at the helm for a month, yet he is meeting daily with community associations and concerned residents in an attempt to provide tangible solutions to the problems in the area.

Colonel Tsotetsi began his poli-cing career at Orlando Police Station in 1991 before a short stint at the old Roodepoort district office. In 1994, he returned to Soweto but this time to Protea Police Station where he would settle for over a decade. A change of scenery would then be in order as he would spend just over four years in Cape Town from 2007, relocating back to Johannesburg in 2012 to take up a position at the Provincial Police office in Braamfontein.

His last station before arriving in Florida would be back in Soweto, this time at Diepkloof, where he would serve from 2016, and would include an acting station commander appointment from 2018. Excited to now have the reins at Florida, his mission is based around the need to form strong bonds with the community and build a station with trusted members who can be held in high esteem.

“All I want is to give people a place they can feel safe. We are here to work with the community, to form partnerships with other organisations and integrate ourselves with the various stakeholders,” said Colonel Tsotetsi. “I want the community to feel valued and I want us to rebuild that trust,” added the Colonel, who is fast developing a rapport with community members and staff alike.

Colonel Tsotetsi is aware of the burning issues facing his policing precinct, including the Florida DLTC, rampant vehicle theft and house robberies, and the area’s drug problem. Together with senior management, he has compiled a comprehensive recovery plan he has labelled ‘The Community Orientated Strategy’.

“We will act on community intelligence and work as a team with community members,” he said.

A meticulous and measured approach will hopefully bring the change in results residents in the policing precinct are in need of. “We are not going to rush into things as we do not want to turn around because we missed something. We don’t only want to take the cream at the top but get to the root of the problem,” asserted Colonel Tsotetsi.

Ready for the challenge, he said, “Thank you very much for allowing me to serve this community. We will fulfil our constitutional obligation to make this community feel safe. The rest will follow.”


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