Dog beater

The man had dragged the dog, which was yelping and crying, to the middle of the road.

A dog’s best friend (email)

On Thursday 17 April at around 3.45 pm I was on my way home, driving along Kilburn Road, Discovery. I had just gone through the intersection past the Kilburn Shopping Centre travelling towards Horison when I noticed a large dog on the left side of the road. A small build man wearing blue overalls approached the dog and starting beating the dog with an electrical cord with the plug on the end. I hooted and hooted and screamed at him but he did not stop. I drove a little way further and did a U-turn and drove back down Kilburn Road, and finally stopped on the opposite side of the road. By this time, the man had dragged the dog — which was yelping and crying — to the middle of the road.

Again I yelled and screamed at the man to stop beating his dog (the dog was a black-and-tan Alaskan Malamute). He then shouted and swore at me and told me to f@*! off as it was his dog and he will do as he pleases. I told him that I don’t care and that I planned on reporting him to the police and the Roodepoort SPCA. This still did not stop his callous behaviour. By this time, a handful of people had gathered, including one of the residents who walked up to him and shouted at him, and told him that he cannot treat a dog this way.

After a few minutes he obviously realised that there were quite a number of people there so he picked up his dog and carried it to a green Opel Corsa that was waiting behind my car. The driver of this vehicle just sat in the car and did nothing to stop this man from beating the dog. They then drove off. They went down to the stop street at the Kilburn Shopping Centre and turned left. Obviously this man lives in the area. If this is what he does to an animal, what does he do at home to his family?

To you, sir, I have two things to say. Firstly, I never forget a face, specially one that is so callous, and secondly, if you know karma and the laws of the universe, you should know that what goes around comes around. One day, you yourself will be reminded of the day you beat your dog with an electrical cord on Kilburn Road in front of so many witnesses!

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