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Open Judo Championships spectacle

ROODEPOORT - Kuzushi Judo club is gearing up to represent Western Gauteng at the Open Judo Championships from 6 until 12 July in Port Elizabeth.

Roodepoort’s Kuzushi Judo Kwai (KJK) Club will represent Western Gauteng at the South African Open Judo Championships from 6 to 12 July in Port Elizabeth.

Judoka from all over South Africa will partake in the championships that aims to reveal the best of the best.

The Roodepoort club started their intense training for the upcoming championship in January.

Coach of KJK Danie Bruwer said he is extremely proud of his players and wishes them well in their next challenge.

The players will compete in kumite (fighting) and kata (forms) and will be touted to win.

Bruwer explained that he is confident about his players representing Western Gauteng because the club has been in existence for 22 years and it is the strongest in South Africa.

Sofia Roditis, who is Kuzushi Judo Kwai’s correspondent, said she is proud that they have almost 700 children enrolled in the judo programme on offer.

“We teach judo in a relaxed and sometimes playful manner, with the aim to allow each child to progress and develop in the sport,” she explained.

“A fair level of discipline is maintained in our judo classes at all times. By participating, judoka will gain basic self-defence knowledge, basic ball skills and basic gymnastic skills, and will also learn about the sport of judo,” Roditis added.

The club explained that although they teach participants about the Japanese culture and language, judo has no links with Eastern religion.

Roditis said, “We have high expectations for the players and hope they will produce good results in the tournament.”

She added that judo is a brilliant sport and is very technical and tactical. A successful throw is always a great reward for many hours of training, she said.

“We are proud of all our Judoka’s for reaching this far, it is a privilege to be part of the Open Judo Championship” Roditis concluded.

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