A journey begins at the Varsity College Sandton

The first day of varsity marks the beginning of an adventure, an odyssey into the realms of knowledge, self-discovery, and the boundless possibilities that await on the horizon for students.

As many first-year students walked through the IIE’s Varsity College Sandton Campus gates, they couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride and accomplishment.

Varsity is a place where dreams take flight, and passions find a home; this has become a reality for many.

The journey to this moment that they had was paved with hard work, dedication, and countless hours of preparation.

The college recently welcomed more than 700 first-year students with their annual opening address, which was all about possibilities.

Campus head Kimberly McIntyre addressed the irrepressibly eager and young-looking students to call the campus a place of their own and their home for the next few years.

After the opening address, the student experience team, which includes the PR and events coordinator, the sports coordinator, the student wellness manager, and the career centre coordinator, and their committees presented their different portfolios, which gave the first-year students an overview of what can be expected on their tertiary journey.

Tumelo Ralehoko, a first-year student doing legal studies, said, “I had such a great time during the opening address and with the presentations that followed.”

Ralehoko added that she enjoyed the student experience team’s showcase, where they were able to meet the team and see how they contributed to the holistic student experience for the students.

“What I took out of the opening address experience is that I am safe on campus, and I feel that the various teams will make my transition into tertiary a smooth one.”

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