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Leadership coach from Sandton assesses election results outcome

An insightful reflection on the outcomes from the latest elections in South Africa, pointing out.

Sandton-based leadership and transformation coach Ethel Kuuya took time on June 4 to reflect on the election results, assessing how polarised the outcome was for South Africa.

Kuuya, a Sandown resident, cultivates leadership for Africa’s future by applying pan-African expertise in running her company Advisory Kulture. She assessed how pivotal strong leadership qualities would be in determining South Africa’s immediate future.

“I think the voting is one thing but the decisions made over the coming days are going to make or break our nation,” said Kuuya. “I’m not surprised at the polarised results because a vote is peoples’ scope of how you’ve been doing at serving them, and their discontent will show up.”
Kuuya highlighted the perceived mismanagement of the electoral process.

“I think 23 political parties have raised issues with that,” Kuuya said referring to the alleged mismanaged process. “You look at the rise in opposition over the past 10 years, no one should be surprised, and least of all by the ANC losing traction. To the extent that we assume that the voting was free and fair, the results are, indeed, a reflection of how people think and feel… this has been coming.”

With it clear that a coalition government is now inevitable for South Africa, Kuuya voiced concern over potential pairings which could present double-edged swords. Kuuya assessed whether emergent coalitions intended to make decisions that were best for the majority of decisions for settling scores or staying in power.

“Are they going to make decisions that will close the inequality gap, or are they going to widen it? The sentiment of a possible coalition between the ANC and DA, from what I have picked up, is that there’s not much satisfaction going in that direction.”

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