Celebrating Dr George Mothapo’s 50th Birthday and Leadership

Dr Mothapo expresses gratitude to God for the abundant mercies and blessings bestowed upon his life.

SEDIBENG.- Growing up in the village of Ga-Mphahlele, Limpopo, Dr George Mothapo faced a significant obstacle: the absence of educational infrastructure. Despite this challenge, he committed to a daily ‘trek’ to a neighbouring village for schooling.

“For many of us, the path to education involved enduring long, challenging walks across the rocky terrain that defined our rural surroundings,” he remarked.

With no particular favourite subjects or teachers, every educator was a beacon of knowledge in his eyes, shaping his early understanding of the world. However, it was his high school teacher, Mr Staps Mphahlele, who guided Dr Mothapo towards technical education, igniting a spark that would eventually lead him to pursue higher education at the now Tshwane University of Technology. Despite initially dreaming of a career in radio, the influence of this mentor set him on a different path. As a child, illness struck, robbing him of the ability to participate in various sports. This setback threatened to dim his spirits, yet it also served as a vessel of strength, igniting a determination to overcome obstacles with unwavering resolve.

“I found solace and joy in two enduring passions: singing and church. The Methodist congregation became a second home, a sanctuary where faith intertwined with fellowship,” he added.

He is, however, thankful for the unwavering support from his late mother and siblings, whose encouragement fostered a sense of belonging and purpose during his formative years. Motivated by a passion for teaching, Dr Mothapo embarked on an academic and professional journey that initially involved imparting knowledge in electrical subjects and mathematics at a local high school in Soshanguve. Before joining the now Sedibeng TVET College, Vereeniging Campus in 1999 as a Lecturer, he faced challenges and misunderstandings at each step—whether as a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Campus Manager, Deputy Principal Corporate Services, or ultimately, at the helm as Principal.

Nevertheless, Dr Mothapo has demonstrated resilience, consistently seeking ways to enhance his capabilities for each role he assumed. As Principal of “SEDCOL”, he set out to bring stability and boost staff morale. Through diligent efforts, the college witnessed tangible improvements in recent years, transitioning from a disclaimed audit outcome to a more structured and policy-driven institution. Reflecting on his achievements, Dr Mothapo takes genuine pride in the significant strides made at Sedibeng TVET College and the attainment of his PhD in his early 40s. Nevertheless, balancing personal and professional pursuits remains a formidable challenge, one made more manageable by the steadfast support of his family.

He offers sage advice: “Seize every opportunity with fervour, for it may shape your future in unforeseen ways.” His vision for the college is transformative, aspiring towards a world-class institution that equips students for the demands of the future. As Dr Mothapo celebrated his 50th birthday recently, he acknowledges the hand of providence guiding his journey. Grateful for the lessons learned through successes and failures, he embraces the future with faith and determination, poised to leave behind a legacy of excellence in education. Dr Mothapo expresses gratitude to God for the abundant mercies and blessings bestowed upon his life.

A Message From the Community of Sedibeng TVET College:

Congratulations on this extraordinary milestone! Your leadership at Sedibeng TVET College has been nothing short of exceptional, guiding and inspiring all who have had the privilege of working with you. Your dedication and vision have propelled the college to new heights, enriching the lives of students and staff alike. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and the positive impact you’ve made on countless lives. Here’s to celebrating you today and always, with heartfelt appreciation for your outstanding leadership!

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