VIDEO: Use Straws To Create Heatless Ringlet Curls

Achieving curls for any hair type without heat has never been this easy! Watch the video below for more:

Curls are a trendy way of making your hair look fuller and stylish.

However, using heat tools to achieve curls can damage your hair pattern or even leave your hair flat or thin. Straws are an efficient way of achieving curls, without damaging your hair. all you have to di is wet your hair, divide it in small sections and wrap it around the straws.

Pin the ends of the straws to ensure that the hair does not unravel. Leave the hair tied around the straws between 2-24 hours, depending on how curly you want your hair, and how long you want the curls to last.

Unwrap the hair from the straw, and enjoy your curls!

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