One simple way to have the best hunting trip yet

Hunting trips require that the safety and freshness of the meat are prioritised. This is how this can be achieved?

After a successful hunt, the first things that must be considered are the meat’s freshness and safety. Knowing how to preserve meat safely could mean the difference between a delicious meal and a stomach ache.

Dry ice is the easiest way to preserve your meat and ensure you can bring the spoils of your hunt home with you for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

What is dry ice?

Dry Ice is frozen Carbon dioxide at a temperature of -78.5 degrees Celsius. You can transport and store your meat at the optimal temperature with the help of this amazing cooling agent.

Dry ice, in contrast to regular ice, does not melt when exposed to water, making it ideal for use in portable refrigeration and storage.

Dry Ice International adds value to preserving game meat as no meat is lost. After going to such great lengths, you naturally want to ensure that your game meat retains its superior flavour.

You can trust that your meat will retain its flavour and texture for longer thanks to the high quality of the dry ice they provide. You can tailor your purchase of dry ice to your specific hunting requirements, as it comes in a range of sizes and quantities.

It’s easy to get dry ice, and it’s even easier to use it

Meat can be stored for an extended period of time using dry ice, which can then be sold on or used safely by you and your family. You simply have to pack the dry ice into your cooler or other convenient container for transport. Dry ice will keep the temperature stable, extending the amount of time that your meat will remain safe to eat without deteriorating.

Don’t know where to get dry ice for sale? Look no further than Dry Ice International.

Dry Ice International offer all their services throughout South Africa. Their expert staff respond to customer questions and provide guidance in selecting the best dry ice for diverse hunting needs.

What is the best way to transport dry ice on a hunting trip?

For your upcoming hunting expedition, Dry Ice International provides disposable polystyrene containers that are perfect for storing dry ice and refreshments. You can consider using polystyrene to carry your food and dry ice for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Polystyrene is a versatile substance.
  • Containers made of polystyrene are outstanding insulators, retain hot and cold food and beverages at the same temperature, and use fewer resources than paper.
  • It’s safe to transport food in polystyrene.
  • Polystyrene boxes come in a wide range of sizes and forms, making it simple to pack a variety of items to your specifications.
  • Polystyrene can withstand shock and shield goods from damage while being transported.


If you enjoy hunting and want to keep your game meat fresh and your meals and drinks cool, dry ice is an absolute must.

Traditional hunting in South Africa is a time for socialising with friends and family while also enjoying some of nature’s finest free-range meat. Hunting is an involved process that requires talent, patience, and perseverance; after all that effort, coming home to ruined meat is a bitter disappointment.

If you want to have your hard-earned meat for many meals to come, you should take dry ice with you the next time you go hunting.



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