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UPDATE: Water supply is being restored, says Ugu

Only a few isolated areas are still without the precious resource.


ACCORDING to a statement issued by Ugu, water has been restored in Harding, Gamalakhe, Margate Ext3, Ramsgate North, Uvongo and Shelly Beach.

“Some other areas like parts of Oslo Beach, Manaba and parts of Margate CBD and Ramsgate remain affected due to the snail’s pace build-up of the Margate, Ramsgate and Manaba reservoir,” read the statement.

The delayed reinstatement of supply has been exacerbated by a burst pipe in Alford Road, Ramsgate.

Normal supply to areas still without water is expected to resume by this evening, said Ugu.



BLOOD! That’s what angry South Coasters are calling for now that water has been restored to most areas after the devastating consequences of last week’s strike by Ugu municipal workers.

And understandably so as the crisis has already chased holidaymakers away and there is a very real fear that those who had planned to come here in the next few weeks will go elsewhere.

Even the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ugu South Coast Tourism have voiced their concerns and discontent on wider media platforms. including East Coast Radio.

Angry social media posts from as far afield as Pretoria have warned people to stay clear of the South Coast.

Ugu’s Executive Committee meets to hear the facts from municipal manager DD Naidoo tomorrow (Wednesday).



FAR from making lame excuses, a frustrated and very tired Ugu Municipal Manager DD Naidoo has opened a case with the police following the alleged ‘sabotage’ of much of the coast’s water supply last week.

Speaking to the Herald, Mr Naidoo said residents, business people and holidaymakers had every right to be furious.

He and Ugu teams had worked around the clock to restore water to areas affected after several hundred workers went on an unexpected strike over ‘death and disability’ payments last Thursday.

Certain individuals had apparently sabotaged valves in isolated areas, making them difficult to find and turn back on.

“I have virtually had no sleep for nights,” said Mr Naidoo who kept ward councillors informed either personally or through Ugu’s information centre.

In turn, several councillors and community forums deserve credit for working non-stop to spread updates to their constituents through social media.

“All I can say at this stage is that I have laid charges with the police and I have a case number. But protocol dictates that I have to report back in full to Ugu’s exco before I can release more details,” said Mr Naidoo.

He added he had no wish to make excuses and promised to be frank with his answers to a list of questions already sent to him by the Herald.

However, he appealed to people not to jump to conclusions without the full facts.

Exco would be meeting on Wednesday morning and more detail would be available in time for this Thursday’s Herald, Mr Naidoo promised.

From a Herald point of view, it is also in everyone’s best interests to temper the fall-out and convince holiday people that everything possible will be done to make sure taps will be flowing this festive season.


UPDATE: 10am:

According to the Ugu Talk Facebook page, as posted by Zimbini Mantlangula Mpurwana:

Queen Street in Manaba and few streets in Uvongo are still without water. Team is busy inspecting and physically checking the line as the reservoir levels are not improving at an acceptable rate. We understand how uncomfortable the situation is – please accept our apology. For businesses with adequate storage facilities, please state your location and we will replenish your facility asap. We were doing this exercise until very late last night.


According to the Ugu Talk Facebook page, as posted by Zimbini Mantlangula Mpurwana:

“Water supply has been restored in these areas: Margate ext3; parts of Ramsgate North, Uvongo and Shelly Beach.

Three streets at Oslo Beach without water this morning; and unfortunately it’s the same streets that were affected for the past few days. Same goes for Manaba and parts of Margate CBD.

We have enough trucks at the moment and we are able to send relief water while teams continue to work tirelessly to restore services.
All holiday flats and hotels with adequate storage facility are replenished regularly to ensure comfort of all those booked there. We need to work together on this one; ensuring that there’s adequate storage as specified in by-laws to minimize impact on business.



According to the Ugu Talk Facebook page, as posted by Zimbini Mantlangula Mpurwana:

Ramsgate North (from Waffle House), parts of Manaba and Margate ext 3 are still without water. We sincerely apologise for not being able to keep the promise of restoring water last night until now.
Ramsgate reservoir is not rising; we suspect a break in the main between Marburg and Ramsgate reservoir. A team is physically walking the line.
Relief trucks will be around RamsgateManaba and Margate ext 3 until 9pm at least, then again early tomorrow morning.”


UPDATE: 11am

According to the Ugu Talk Facebook page, as posted by Zimbini Mantlangula Mpurwana:

Shelly Centre – should have water now, and rest of the streets should have water shortly. Please note that a scour near the mall is open intentionally to improve supply.
Uvongo – Some more streets are also getting water.
Ramsgate – is still low, we are sending trucks.
Edwardian Hotel  – is getting its storage replenished regularly. We are meeting now for few minutes with Area managers and will update with new info later. Thank you”

UPDATE: Sunday, 7am

According to the Ugu Talk Facebook page, as posted by Zimbini Mantlangula Mpurwana:

“Few areas still without water.

Shelly Beach – unfortunately the collapse of the embankment last night as they were about to open water led to another break. New team was brought on site and they are still working.
Uvongo – few streets have water; little improvement on reservoir levels. Team is looking at alternative supply. Will update you in thrfee hours. Relief truck on the way. Details shortly
Manaba and Margate: Few streets have water. Seaslopes reservoir is almost full but others are running slow. Relief supply on the way -will give details shortly.
Ramsgate North still struggling .Relief truck has been dispatched.
Harding is sorted.

Thank you; next update in three hours.


UPDATE ON WATER: Friday 12pm

According to the Ugu Talk Facebook page, as posted by Zimbini Mantlangula Mpurwana:

“Ugu management and the workers have reached an agreement, and workers have committed to immediately attend to service provision, prioritizing all basic water & sanitation service interruptions. Management will continue to monitor all systems and work around the clock to restore services, sooner than anticipated.

Relief water tankers are ready to be dispatched, we will update you according to your affected areas.

We apologize for this uncomfortable situation, and thank you for your patience & support.”

Next update to follow this afternoon.



According to the Ugu Talk Facebook page, as posted by Zimbini Mantlangula Mpurwana:

Still no water from Marburg to Margate; these are Seaslopes-fed areas. Though the plant is almost full there’s a closed valve that the team is busy trying to locate. Two teams on the ground right now – one focused on the Murchison and Gamalakhe line and the other focused on Seaslopes feed. Gamalakhe tower is empty and unfortunately it does take time to recover. We have only two private tankers at the moment and we’re busy filling up Murchison hospital. We will sort out the issue of relief supply this morning and will communicate with councilleros asap. We anticipate that water supply could be restored by early Sunday if nothing else drastic comes up. We will keep you informed. Thank you.


UPDATE: 4.30pm

According to the Ugu Talk Facebook page, as posted by Zimbini Mantlangula Mpurwana:

“Boboyi system is seriously affected by the tampering at the plant, the police are  working tirelessly to bring offenders to book.
Meantime, Boboyi; Murchison, Uvongo, Shelly Beach, Gamalakhe, Manaba and Margate are affected. Some reservoirs are very low while in some areas it seem like closed valves. Private contractors and some staff are busy restoring services. Ugu management is implementing a plan to ensure service continuity, we are all hoping to have situation back to normal as soon as possible.”


UGU district municipality workers downed tools and went on strike today (Thursday).

As a result many in Marburg, Oslo Beach, Shelly Beach and Manaba on the South Coast have been left with dry taps.

Workers belonging to the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) are demanding to be paid their pension fund contributions today, as promised by Mayor Tolomane Myayiza at a meeting held yesterday.

Ugu is allegedly cutting ties with Sanlam due, it says, to Sanlam overcharging them for two years.

IMG_6509 (Medium)
Ugu district municipality workers on strike

During the strike, Ugu management tried to negotiate with the union, however workers would hear none of it.

Workers demanded that negotiations take place in front of them.

Ugu municipal manager, DD Naidoo told workers that the money owed to them by Sanlam had not yet been paid into Ugu’s account.

“Sanlam  promised to pay your money within 10 working days but failed to do so. As Ugu we have resolved to look for funds within the municipality and pay you only for contributions made for the last five years.”

He added that workers should expect to be paid their pension fund contributions together with their salaries on Thursday next week.

He urged workers to go back to work as water supply and sanitation interruptions were slowing down service delivery to communities.

IMG_6529 (Medium)
Ugu workers release raw sewage in Connor street, Port Shepstone during their strike today.

Ugu had earlier issued a notice to communities to use water sparingly as it is not sure when the strike will end.

As a precautionary measure, consumers should ensure they have an adequate supply of water stockpiled as emergency tankers will not be deployed.

Negotiations continue.


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