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Fishermen reel in giant trevally

SCH local News | Anglers don't forget to send your catch of the day to the Herald.

This year, things are a bit quiet on the fishing front, a lot quieter than in previous years, so the fisherman’s tale goes.

However, predictions are that ‘come May, shad will be on the bite’.

Giant trevally (GT) are powerful predators known for their fighting ability. Thanks to Cornel van Zyl for sending his catch of the day, a 102cm GT which he caught on the North Coast a week ago. Unfortunately, Cornel did not weigh it, however it was safely released.

Cornel van Zyl caught a beautiful giant trevally on the North Coast last week.

Well-known local and former teacher, Teddy Moodley, who now spends most of his time fishing, caught a 17.8kg GT at Sandspit last Friday using a paddle tail.

Shad fishing in KZN is popular and when the ‘biting is good’, ‘shad is thick’, meaning shad is on the bite, and you will see scores of anglers line up beaches, rocks and piers.
South Coast anglers are anxiously awaiting shad season.

Shad fishing along our beautiful coastline is highly variable throughout the year. High season is May to September, and closed season is between October and November.

The minimum size limit is 30cm in total length. This gives the fish a chance to breed at least once before being caught and protects the fish when growing at their fastest.

The bag limit is four per person per day. This restricts daily catches so that there are enough fish to go around.
Shad, also known as elf, are widely distributed in the warm temperate coastal waters of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They are found in sandy and rocky areas from the shore to depths of 100m.
Remember, responsible fishing is keeping the shoreline clean and adhering to the fishing regulations, especially the bag limit.

Anglers, don’t forget to send your catch of the day to sugann@dbn.caxton.co.za.


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