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Beach festival a first for Toti

Rugby and music festival on the cards for Easter.

Toti will host the highly anticipated Oppi Beach Rugby and Music Festival over the Easter holidays from 18 to 21 April.

“This event has already drawn considerable attention from the public and piqued the curiosity of the community, which has expressed a deep interest in the beach rugby series being held at the event,” said organiser, Martin Nel.

A first in South Africa, beach rugby is currently taking the world by storm, but is not an organised sport in South Africa yet, which this event will potentially change.

“This, combined with the atmospheric festivities of a beach music festival, make for an exceptional event,” said Nel.

The music festival will focus solely on showcasing up-and-coming talent in the country. The event, which has a number of exceptionally talented musicians on the bill, provides an opportunity for aspiring artists to develop their skills and gain valuable experience by performing in front of a bigger audience.

“This music festival will be a refreshing break from other live music events that feature ‘big names’ live on stage, as these established artists already have access to national festivals.

Well-known musicians will only appear at this event within a mentorship capacity to the younger guys and girls, who will be headlining on the main stage.”

Organisers hope the event will deliver a memorable experience to the local community as well as the visitors, keeping them coming back to this annual event season after season.

“The economic benefit of smaller, special events, are generally overlooked and deemed insignificant, especially in term of the impact it has within small and informal business enterprises.

However, these sectors’ bottom line depends on the influx of out-of-town visitors who are more than willing to invest in the convenience of their offerings. This influx of tourists generates a much-needed turnover that is desperately needed to keep them afloat, especially during the off-season periods, as they are then able to retain employees and also create additional short-term employment over the seasonal periods,” said Nel.

Sapphire Coast Tourism chairman, Jacques van Schalkwyk said the organisation welcomes the festival to Toti. “We are happy to have it here or any action taking place on our beaches over the holiday period and we look forward to its annual success.”

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  1. The Amanzimtoti beach feastival, Oppi Beach”, is going to be a GREAT success ! Amanzimtoti needs this, South Africa needs this !!

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