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Police spokesman keen to forge closer ties

Wants the community to embrace the police.

HAVING recently taken up the post of communications officer at Toti police station, Capt Charlene van der Spuy’s is looking forward to working closely with the community.

A career policewoman, Capt van der Spuy joined the service in 1991. After being based in the Western Cape, she transferred to Toti in 2007.

Just over two years later and on being promoted, she moved to Umbumbulu where she stayed for two years before being posted to provincial police headquarters.

“I have always been part of the detective service since the start of my career. My transfer back to Toti is now in visible policing. It’s a new field, but I am up for the challenge, as I am passionate about my work.”

She is living her dream, as she always wanted to work with the community. “Initially, I wanted to be a social worker, unfortunately it did not work out, instead I joined the police, which is also community-related.”

Capt van der Spuy’s focus now will be to forge closer ties with the community, take awareness programmes to schools and attend sector meetings. “I am prepared to go the extra mile. I am a positive person and can make a difference.”

She wants the community and police to build a relationship. “I want the community to embrace the police.”

Away from the office, Capt van der Spuy enjoys spending time with her family.

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