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Cllr clarifies sewage spill into Toti River

"Never assume someone else has already reported a matter. Rather over report than under report," advised Cllr Beetge.

A RECENT spill of waste water into Amanzimtoti River from manholes located both north and south of the Riverside Road crossing has sparked a lively debate among residents.

Ward 97 councillor, Andre Beetge wishes to clarify the matter.

“Waste water accumulates from various gravity feed lines and is pumped along the rising main from Riverside pump station number three on the river bank at the crossing to Riverside number two between the river and Hutchison Park, and then to Riverside number one on the corner of Hutchison and Riverside roads,” said Cllr Beetge.

“From there it is pumped to Commercial Road, along the Bernadotte line to the Umdoni Road pump station and onto the Amanzimtoti treatment works on Inyati Road.

Waste water will spill from manholes located at the lowest point if the pump stations stop being operational, especially when Riverside two and three are affected.

While power outages are often beyond residents’ control, the most common causes are rags, towels, pieces of clothing, stones, scrubbing brushes and sticks that block the line.

Do not flush foreign objects down the sewage system.

“With the pump being unable to transfer to Riverside two, but with waste water continuing to arrive via the gravity line, the result was inevitably a spillage from manhole covers directly into the river.”

Do not flush foreign objects down the sewage system. Problems must immediately be reported to the 24-hour engineering call centre on 080-131-3013 or via email to eservices@durban.gov.za.

“Never assume someone else has already reported a matter. Rather over report than under report,” advised Cllr Beetge.

“As important a role as Riverside three fulfills, it is considered one of the ‘small’ pump stations among the 120 serviced by the south depot. The station is being fitted with a telemetry system to warn authorities when the pump cuts out and a screen is being designed to eliminate foreign articles from entering the pump. This, however, comes with its own challenges as it remains reliant on regular inspection and cleaning.

While fitting a larger pump that has the ability to cut and shred foreign matter is being investigated, a cutter pump from another pump station was adapted and fitted to Riverside three on Monday, 13 June as an interim solution,” said Cllr Beetge.




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