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Brave new start for little Willow

Willow is now doing better than ever and the burn marks are barely visible.

It is indeed heart-warming.  Six-year-old Willow Malan who suffered second and third degree burns almost four years ago has made an incredible recovery.  The little survivor is currently in pre school and is overjoyed to start Grade 1 next year in the school that assisted her recovery greatly, Warner Beach Prep.

Willow sustained the sever burns after she had pulled on the cord of a kettle which had just boiled, subsequently burning the whole right side of her face and upper torso.

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She underwent many skin grafts and wore a garment created by an occupational therapist as well as wore silicone sheets for over a year to aid in her healing.

The treatment had put a tremendous strain on her.  Speaking to the SUN, Willow’s mother, Lorna Malan thanked the community profoundly for its support during the challenging time.

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Willow is now doing better than ever and the burn marks are barely visible.  Six-year-old Willow is delighted to attend the school that helped her recovery.

“You would never say that she was burnt so terribly.  She’s wonderful and happy and she can enjoy being a little girl now.  I thank Doctor Pillay who was her surgeon for going beyond the call of duty and the community, donors and the school for their incredible support,” said Lorna.

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