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Jabulani resident turns 70

We spent time together the whole day, which was fantastic.

Sylvia van Zyl turned 70 on Saturday, 5 September. “My twin daughters Zoretta and Sanette and their families picked me up and took me to the Chinese Gardens in Durban for some photos. Then we had a lovely lunch and I was presented with my cake. It was a super day. We spent time together the whole day, which was fantastic.” Sylvia’s life is littered with fascinating number coincidences. She was born on 5 September (5/9) and her daughters on 9 May (9/5). She lost her husband Pieter Groenewald in August 2002 and her current husband Marius lost his wife in September the same year. As members of the same church, they met in September 2003. A month and 10 days later, they got engaged and a month later, were married.

Sylvia with her birthday cake.

Marius turns 77 on 15 November, which is also their wedding anniversary. “I made sure he didn’t forget our anniversary,” laughed Sylvia. She was born in Pretoria and has lived in various places, including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Komatipoort and Harietdale. Her and Marius moved to Toti in 2009. Her 50-year-old twin daughters both live in Toti and she has three other children – Leonora, 49, Leon, 45 and Milanie, 44. She has been blessed with six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Her great grandson, incidentally, turned six on 6 September, one day after her birthday. READ ALSO: Win a portrait with Jabulani   DID YOU KNOW? Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics. To receive news links via WhatsApp or Telegram, send an invite to 061 694 6047 The South Coast Sun is also on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest – why not join us there? Do you have more information pertaining to this story? Feel free to let us know by commenting on our Facebook page or you can contact our newsroom on 031 903 2341 and speak to a journalist. (Comments posted on this issue may be used for publication in the Sun)

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