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Shop owner shot in Orient Hills robbery

Three men entered the shop and bought cigarettes. As they were leaving, one suspect pulled out a gun and took boxes of liquor and cigarettes.

ISIPINGO police are investigating a case of business robbery and attempted murder following an incident that happened in Orient Hills that left a business owner injured.

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SAPS spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda said that three armed men entered the business premises on June 11 and took boxes of liquor, cigarettes and the staff’s cellphones. As the suspects fled the scene, Netshiunda said they allegedly opened fire, wounding the shop owner.

“It is alleged that the shop owner and his employees were at the shop when three males entered and bought cigarettes. They pretended to be walking towards the exit and turned around. One of the suspects pulled out a firearm and took boxes of liquor and cigarettes,” said Netshiunda.

The business owner was shot in the face and was taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention. PT Alarms spokesperson Devhan Govindasamy said his company’s tactical unit responded swiftly to the scene of the robbery and alleged that there was a gunfire exchange between the suspects and the business owner outside.

“The suspects made a getaway in what was believed to be a black vehicle,” said Govindasamy.

No arrests had been made at the time of publication.



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