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CoJ encourages expectant parents in Region F to prioritise prenatal care

There are clinics in the region that help with prenatal services.

Welcoming a child is a life-changing experience filled with excitement, anticipation, and some nervousness. As expectant parents in Region F begin this incredible journey, prioritising early prenatal care is crucial.

According to the City of Johannesburg (CoJ), scheduling your first antenatal appointment early in your pregnancy safeguards the health and well-being of you and your baby.

Early booking allows healthcare providers to schedule essential tests and assessments, creating personalised care plans tailored to your specific needs. This proactive approach, encompassing genetic screenings, blood pressure monitoring, and identifying pre-existing medical conditions, lays the foundation for a healthy pregnancy.

The early stages of pregnancy are vital for tracking foetal growth and development. Regular antenatal consultations allow healthcare professionals to monitor your baby’s growth, heart rate and activity, providing peace of mind throughout the pregnancy.

Early booking ensures timely ultrasounds and screenings to assess foetal well-being and identify potential developmental concerns.

Prenatal care goes beyond physical health. It offers support and guidance on the emotional and psychological aspects of pregnancy. Early appointments empower expectant parents to navigate their pregnancy journey confidently. Healthcare professionals address typical discomforts and anxieties while promoting self-care and mental health awareness.

Early prenatal care is an investment in your health, your baby’s well-being, and a positive birth experience. By prioritising prenatal care from the beginning, you embark on this journey with confidence, knowledge, and the support you need.

All clinics in Region F provide prenatal services, and a mobile clinic serves Booysens, Albert Street, Mangolongolo, and George Goch. Using these services is vital for a healthy pregnancy.

Take the first step. Visit your nearest municipal primary healthcare centre today and embark on a safe and healthy pregnancy journey.

The clinics in Region F providing prenatal services:

• Bellavista Clinic, corner of Zietsman Road and Alex du Toit Drive, West Turffontein.

• Glenanda Clinic, corner of Surmon Street and Voster Avenue.

• Kibler Park Clinic, corner of Kenneth Gardens and Summer Avenue.

• Rosettenville Clinic, corner of Rose Avenue and Mabel Street.

• Crown Gardens Clinic, corner of Ulster Crescent and Mourne Avenue.

• South Hills Clinic, corner of Geneva Road and Estantia Avenue.

A mobile clinic serves Booysens, Albert Street, Mangolongolo, and George Goch.

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