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Tips on driving in wet weather

To reach your destination safely.

IT is raining heavily and with the roads wet, motorists should keep the following tips in mind to reach their destinations safely.

* Turn on your vehicle’s headlights.

* Avoid abrupt acceleration, braking and steering movement. Sudden stops and turns may cause skidding.

* Allow extra distance for braking. Your car needs more distance to stop on wet roads.

* Cloudy and rainy weather reduces visibility so take extra care when passing other vehicles.

* Increase your following distance. Allow at least four to eight seconds between your car and the car in front of you.

* Do not drive through flooded areas unless you are sure that the water is below the bottom of the wheel rims. If you have any doubt don’t drive through the pool of water rather find an alternate route.

* If you must drive through high water, drive slowly in a low gear, holding the steering wheel steady.

* After driving in heavy rain for some time without applying the brakes or if you drive through standing water, lightly apply the brakes to dry them.

* If you have car trouble, turn on your hazard lights and pull completely off the road.

* Carry a cellular telephone to summon help.

Source: www.aa.co.za



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