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Bluff police spearhead gun awareness campaign at malls

The loss or theft of a gun must be reported to police immediately.

AHEAD of the festive season, Brighton Beach SAPS carried out an anti-gun violence campaign at local malls, to highlight this plague as crime is expected to increase in the run-up to December.
The awareness campaign held at Hillside Mall and Bluff Towers saw brochures handed out about gun violence prevention.

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Lawful firearm owners are urged to ensure their guns are stored according to the law when not under their immediate control. Firearms must not be stored in a briefcase, handbag, backpack, under a mattress or pillow, inside cupboards, drawers or shoeboxes. “Storing a firearm under a car seat, in the trunk or console of a car is also unlawful. A firearm safe must always be affixed to a wall as prescribed. The safe keys must not be kept in a drawer or on a key rack. Firearm owners must ensure children do not have access to the safe keys,” said Capt Louise Le Roux.
The loss or theft of a gun must be reported to police immediately.

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The campaign focused on safeguarding of legal firearms, reporting illegal possession and distribution of firearms and reporting legal gun owners who contravene the Firearms Control Act.
The campaign also highlighted the use of firearms behind closed doors. Legal and illegal firearm owners also use them to commit intimidation, assault, domestic violence and murder. SAPS urges community member to report those who illegally possess and deal in firearms, including registered gun owners who fail to safeguard their firearms, and those who use them outside of the tenets of the Firearms Control Act.
Make anonymous reports: www.crimeline.co.za, SMS Hotline 32211 or Crime stop 08600-10111. For any enquiries related to the Firearm Control Act, contact the national firearms call centre on 012-353-6111.

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