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Breast cancer survivor’s tale published electronically

WOODLANDS breast cancer survivor, Carroll Michel (56) reduced her story to paper and published an E-book account of how she overcame the disease.

Even though she has family members who are authors, she never imagined she would be one herself.

Her book, entitled ‘Carroll’s Story’ tells of her encounters from being diagnosed with breast cancer to eventually overcoming it. “An adventure is planned, but there are things in between that happen including losing friends to the same disease. I was terribly afraid of cancer and snakes. I’m still afraid of snakes, but cancer I have overcome,” said Carroll. Losing many people to cancer contributed to her fear of the disease.

The short story takes readers on her journey to beating the disease, taking in the high and lows. “We all have choices in life, are we going to take things with a bad attitude or are we going to look for the good in things – that’s the difference,” she said.

“I want people to know that cancer is not a death sentence, it can be beaten.” She urges women to get tested before it is too late.

The aspiring writer only wishes her English teacher could see her now. Still in shock about being published, Carroll won’t discount the possibility of a sequel in the future.

Find the book in the inspiration category on www.smashwords.com

Call her on 031-462-8575 if you need help or guidance with breast cancer.


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