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Rapping his way to success

Browyn Lion is a local rapper who aspires to become an icon.

POSSESSING the same qualities as a lion, Tafadzwa Zanda Sibanda also known as Browny Lion is fearless and unapologetic.

He is ready for anything that comes his way. Although he is an upcoming artist, he is willing to work hard to pay his dues.

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This 18-year old Zimbabwean-born artist started doing music at the age of 12 and is a self-taught songwriter, producer, and visual artist.

Browny Lion’s music reflects his raw talent, which he believes will cement his place in the music industry. He looks up to Nasty C and one day hopes to collaborate with him.

“I see myself working with big names such as Lil Durk, who is an American rapper. All these artists make my music what it is today,” he said.

His popular song is called Schoolbag, which was released on iTunes and other social platforms in December 2021, and has been doing well since.

“The first time I performed this song was at Umbilo hall in 2021, after the release.  The response I received from the audience was amazing. It validated that the song I just wrote was a hit,” said Browny Lion.

He said if it wasn’t for the love that he has for music, he would probably pursue a career in fine art.

 “I love being creative and making something out of nothing. I sometimes watch artists’ freestyle rap, the way they are able to just make music out of a random object. That is fascinating to me,” said Browny lion.


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