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Spreading cheer through heartwarming donation

Children at St Monica's Children's home were overjoyed to receive a donation of Easter eggs, hot cross buns and stationery to celebrate the Easter period.

IN the spirit of spreading joy and generosity, the Widowed and Single Parents (Wasp) organisation embarked on a heartfelt mission to bring smiles to the faces of children at St. Monica’s Children’s Home, located on the Bluff, on March 28.

Led by founder Brian Naidoo, the organisation orchestrated an Easter egg delivery and school stationery drive to brighten the lives of the children in the home. The day before the Easter celebrations, Naidoo personally delivered Easter eggs to the children at St. Monica’s.

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Amy Nadar, the home’s front office administrator, expressed her excitement at the sight of the donated items. Naidoo himself shared, “It was such a genuine warm response. We felt totally blessed to be able to make a positive difference in the children’s lives.”

Recognising the importance of education in shaping the futures of these children, Wasp also made a significant donation of two boxes of stationery and Pritt glue. “Most times it is the little things that make a huge impact. These children require us to give them a fighting chance as life is already tough for them,” commented Naidoo.

Althea Govender, director at St. Monica’s Children’s Home, extended heartfelt appreciation to the surrounding communities for their generous donation of hot cross buns, Easter eggs and general stationery for the children. She noted that the children were overjoyed and very happy by the actions and thoughts of the donors.

Expressing gratitude towards the generous sponsors who made this initiative possible, Naidoo said, “We want to thank our kind sponsors who assisted us as without you, this would be impossible. Saying thank you is never enough, so [we offer] our heartfelt gratitude to our kind sponsors.”

Naidoo encourages reaching out, emphasising that every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference. For those interested in supporting Wasp’s initiatives, contact Brian Naidoo at 084 474 6669.

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