Montclair SAPS embark on children’s safety awareness campaign

The school-based initiative was also launched to enlighten children on strategies to combat bullying within educational institutions.

IN a proactive initiative to address pressing societal concerns, the Montclair SAPS joined forces with various stakeholders to impart crucial lessons on bullying prevention and road safety to the youth on April 22.

The event, held at approximately 07:30, saw the concerted efforts of Social Crime Prevention, metro police, Safer Cities, and Families South Africa (Famsa).

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Under the banner of collective responsibility, representatives from each participating organisation delivered informative talks to 650 learners in attendance, shedding light on the detrimental effects of bullying and the importance of road safety practices.

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The interactive sessions sparked curiosity among the young audience, prompting numerous enquiries directed towards the stakeholders, who diligently provided comprehensive answers.

Pamphlets elucidating key concepts and safety guidelines were distributed among the eager participants, reinforcing the lessons learned during the event. The concerted effort of the stakeholders resonated positively with both the school’s leadership and its educators, who expressed appreciation for the invaluable awareness raised on these critical issues.

Speaking on behalf of the Montclair SAPS, Sergeant Noma Mnguni said, “l conveyed gratitude for the collaborative endeavour, emphasising the importance of fostering a culture of safety and vigilance within the community. The event underscored the significance of proactive engagement between law enforcement agencies, civic organizations and educational institutions in safeguarding the well-being of the younger generation.”

Sergeant Noma Mnguni talking to the learners during a road safety awareness campaign held in Montclair. Photo: Submitted“As the Montclair SAPS continues its commitment to community outreach and crime-prevention initiatives, collaborations such as these serve as shining examples of collective action towards creating safer and more resilient communities for all.”

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