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Black Mamba finds home in Yellowwood Park resident’s home

Although cats may seem like a deterrent to snakes, feral cats inadvertently attract Black Mambas who feed on them.

IN a dramatic event on May 23, renowned snake-catcher Warren Dick captured a 2.2m-long Black Mamba in the garden of a Yellowwood Park residence.

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The snake was discovered hiding behind a roof tile, narrowly evading the claws of feral cats in the area.

Dick had first been alerted to a possible Black Mamba sighting on May 17 when concerned residents called him urgently. Due to prior commitments, he couldn’t respond immediately, and by the time he had arrived, the snake had disappeared.

However, Dick noted the presence of many feral cats, which led him to believe the snake might return. Snake catchers theorise that Durban’s Black Mamba population may thrive due to the abundance of feral cats, which can attract these dangerous reptiles by providing a food source.

On May 23, at around 11:00, Dick received another call from the residents reporting that the mamba had returned and was hiding in their garden. He advised them to keep an eye on the snake while he made his way there.

Upon arrival, he was directed to the hiding spot by a vigilant cat. Initially sceptical, Dick investigated and found the mamba tightly coiled behind the roof tile, likely trying to avoid the cat.

Dick carefully moved the tile, and as the snake attempted to flee, he swiftly restrained it with his snake tongs. He emphasised that while cats may seem like a deterrent to snakes, they can inadvertently attract larger, more dangerous species like the Black Mamba.

The snake is scheduled for release far from human habitation and feral cats to ensure safety for both the snake and the residents.

For further information or assistance with snake-related issues, Warren Dick can be contacted on 0722110353.

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