Soweto Basketball Academy gets new sneakers

"As Soweto Basketball Academy is doing just this, we are thrilled to play a role in further developing young talent and uplifting communities.”

Soweto Basketball Academy sings praises to Sun International after scoring a massive boost of R200, 000 sponsorship, 40 brand new sneakers and other goodies to help the young players.

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The Non-Profit Organisation from white city provides a basketball programme to the children and youth of Soweto and surrounding areas, in the form of recreation and life skill training. The academy focuses on inclusion with 45% of its players being female.

Speaking about the sponsorship, Sun International’s SED Manager, Heidi Edson said, “One of our core Socio-Economic Development focuses is education, arts and aports and with partners in our surrounding communities, we aim to nurture talent from a young age to foster education and community development.

“As Soweto Basketball Academy is doing just this, we are thrilled to play a role in further developing young talent and uplifting communities.”

The basketball academy, founded in 2013, has more than 350 players, across five different junior National Basketball Association (NBA) teams.

The Soweto Basketball Academy consists of youth from various secondary schools in Soweto, including Morrris Isaacson High School, Thlatlogang High School and Thubelihle High School.

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“The sneakers were the highlight amongst the kids – especially as they were given to those that did not have proper shoes to play in, who were mostly girls,” said Monwabisi Dlamini, founder of Soweto Basketball Academy. “It is amazing how one small change like new shoes has impacted the confidence, dedication and work ethic of a young athlete,” he said.

In addition, he said the academy would be able to perform administration digitally for the first time.

“Being elevated to the digital era means we can operate more professionally and we are also able to help our athletes with school related tasks that require a PC.”

“The interest in basketball is widespread and brings people together, and it is encouraging to see the youth of Soweto, as well as more girls, engaged in healthy regimes that promote teamwork and life skill development,” said Edson.

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Soweto Basketball Academy has, over the years, positioned itself amongst the best, securing multiple championships within all the major junior tournaments and leagues – and wishes to further expand its impact and grow basketball within primary schools.

“We are beyond grateful to Sun International for everything they have done for us and the children of Soweto Basketball Academy, as we continue to successfully grow the grassroots basketball development programme,” said Dlamini.

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