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Donate for a greener Eldos

Eldorado Park looking forward to clean up its image.

Since receiving their award for the best Environmental Rehabilitation Project, at the Mma-Tshepo Khumbane Awards by The Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Go Green and Go Clean is now working on expanding the project.

The Eldos Go Green and Go Clean project founded by Rashid Juma, the first South African to receive the Merlin Award Africa 2012, has changed the way people perceive the Eldorado Park community.

“The community of Eldorado Park has gone through many changes in the past.

“We have seen it growing from being in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons with drug abuse and lolly lounges to a better community, looking forward to clean up its image.

“By going green and clean we want to change the situation but first we must change our habits towards harnessing a greener, cleaner environment,” said Juma.

The award has brought improvement and excitement to the community.

The Eldos Go Green and Go Clean project has turned Eldorado Park, Extension Eight from a waste and dumping site, into a clean walk way.

The vision now is to turn parts of the walkway into a herb, vegetable and flower garden in order for the community to benefit from the proceeds.

The Eldos Go Green and Clean project received 1200 square meters of grass patches from Johannesburg City Parks to cover 85% the clean site and 70 cement blocks have been placed around the park to ensure that no vehicles enter the pedestrian walkway.

In conjunction with City Parks the area is now clean, crime free and safe for the community to enjoy.

Eldos Go Green and Go Clean project is in need of volunteers and financial assistance as they plan to expand it to other extensions of Eldorado Park.

“We need to take our environment serious and we need all the assistance we can get to improve our community” Rashid said.

For details on donating, contact Rachel Mekgwe or Elvis Presslin on 011 888 1234.

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