CTM revamps bathrooms of a school in Dobsonville

CTM also concluded further renovations to the school’s kitchen area, where it previously had no ceiling or tile work.

Rebongwe Primary School received a set of keys to their newly refurbished toilets at the institution in Dobsonville.

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The key handover by the local CTM store, located a few meters from the school spearheaded the renovations as part of its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects aimed at uplifting the community.

The renovations to the depilated school toilets began in November 2022.

Learners at the Rebongwe Primary School celebrate the new refurbished toilets at the school, thanks to CTM.

Deputy Principal and HoD of Foundation Phase, Anna Mokgatla expressed gratitude to the company for adopting the school.

“Our toilet facilities were not in a healthy state to be used by learners but today through the renovations by CTM, has put it to a standard where the learners will be able to come at any time,” she said expressing gratitude to the company.

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“We previously had reoccurring problems of blockages and it was a health hazard so we truly thank their work,” she exclaims.

The fully equipped toilet makeover included replacements of the toilet system, cleaning up and repairs to the sewer system, replacement of the old tiling on the floor and the partial tiling on the wall as well as painting of the walls and doors.

Learners at Rebongwe Primary School get first glance at their newly refurbished toilets at the institution

CTM also concluded further renovations to the school’s kitchen area, where it previously had no ceiling or tile work.

“The community around our school, most of the parents come from poor socio-economic backgrounds, unemployed and survive on social grant so they are unable to fully participate in funding efforts at the school, so it becomes difficult to attend all the needs of the school,” Mokgatla continued.

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Tshatuleng Mokoena, Store Manager at CTM Dobsonville said, “We have been waiting for this day. Today’s occasion as we are handing over the new toilets marks a day of planting for this school. As CTM Dobsonville we always say everyone deserves a beautiful home and it is no exception here, this is a home for our learner’s, it is where they are taught and equipped with tools hence it was paramount that we chip in so our children can have nice and dignified toilets.”

The Deputy Principal and HoD of foundation phase, Anna Mokgatla pictured with the team from CTM Dobsonville at Rebongwe Primary School .

The institutional develop and support officer (IDSO) at the school, Tumi Bereng further urged the community surrounding the school to safeguard the schools in the area citing that they had a role in protecting infrastructure.

“…Education is not just one dimension, and as we always say a child is a societal priority thus I am particularly glad that the councillor and some community members are here, this is not about the district.

“The school belongs to the community,” he said. “It will be of no use when sponsors come and do wonderful initiatives but members of the community come destroy and steal stuff.

“I’m requesting the Cllr, even in the meetings we must make it a point that we address the issue of crime and make sure that our schools don’t become victims.”

The team from CTM Dobsonville handovers over newly refurbished toilets at Rebongwe Primary School.

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