UPDATE: Residents angered by murder of two boys in Rockville

They blame Moroka police for not dealing with crime in the are.

Residents of Rockville say they have lost confidence in Moroka Police due to the way they handle cases of crime in the area.

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This comes after the discovery of two bodies of young boys mutilated in the area on Thursday morning.

Residents started singing and chanting slogans denouncing Moroka Police Station at the scene where one of the bodies was found.

They say they would rather have the case handled by Kliptown Police station.

Residents of White City and Rockville have been left shaken following the discovery of two bodies of children in an open veld on Thursday morning.

“We don’t want Moroka police to handle this case. These police have failed us many times before. Even now they are here only because they see media cameras,” shouted one angry resident.

They also called on Police Minister, Bheki Cele to come to the area and see for himself what was happening.

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“This situation needs to be prevented more than it being cured. We demand cameras to be installed. The police cannot tell us to keep our kids at home they should chase these people from the streets,” said another resident.

Residents of White City and Rockville are preparing march to Moroka police station. They are still gathering themselves for a community meeting.

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