Win ‘Entwined with you’ by Sylvia Day

A sizzling review of the third book in the breath taking Crossfire series by Sylvia day.

Entwined with you is the third book in the breath taking Crossfire series by Sylvia day. This series follows Eva’s journey from her father’s  home into the big city, where everything changes overnight.

She and her roommate have a new apartment and she is about to start a new job, when she meets Gideon Cross. By the time we reach the third book they have a relationship but unlike the normal knight on a white horse there are a lot of issues concerning them as a couple.

I just love the fact that they question whether or not being together is harmful to them as individuals. And is love enough to conquer past demons.

Also Eva has to balance her friendship and the need to be closer to Gideon, which in my opinion is very hard to do without losing yourself as an individual.

This is a great series because it deals with a lot of issues that the modern women face while also filling in that little gap of fantasy that we all need to fill. Lol can’t wait for the next instalment.

After such a wonderful review and believe me Keshia doesn’t dole out compliments easily I’m sure our readers will be clamouring to win a copy of this book.

So sms ‘Crossfire’ to 37398. Winners will be contacted by us and arrangements will be made or your prize.

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