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Children have fun

Underprivileged children enjoyed themselves in a swimming pool at the house of Daleen Fourie in Vischkuil, Endicott last Wednesday.

The Christmas party was organised by Hadassah Meyer and Daleen to support destitute families in the area.

“My motto is ‘make a nobody somebody’,” says Hadassah.

She feels strongly about children who cannot defend for themselves and this is the ninth year she has been looking out for these families and children on the plots.

Daleen says at least they have something to give, even if it is a special thing like swimming.

The children jumped into the pool, splashing around and their laughter could be heard a mile away.

Every child received a T-shirt. The girls were given pink shirts and the boys, blue.

With the recent weather conditions, Daleen and Hadassah trusted the Lord will provide them with a sunny day last Wednesday.

“He was ever so true to His promises and gave us sunshine for a couple of hours, just as we ordered,” says Daleen.

After their escapades in the pool, everyone got dressed and was treated to a hot dog and chips and a cold drink.

Hadassah says she would, if possible, like to do something special when they celebrate the project’s 10th birthday next year.

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