Park needs to be safe for all users

In response to Peter Denton’s letter about the Selcourt Enclosure park, I wish to respond as follows:

Firstly, the park is visited by many people, especially children who play on the playground equipment and throw and kick balls to one another.

The park is safe because it is in the enclosure and is patrolled by the security company paid by the Selcourt Residents’ Association (SRA).

If cars were allowed to drive into the park, the children and animals would no longer be safe.

Although the parks are public property, this park is maintained and patrolled by the SRA.

The wooden paling has, for as long as I can remember, been in place.

It was recently repaired by the SRA, at their cost, to be a barrier to prevent cars and quad bikes from entering and endangering the people and animals (ducks and dogs taken for a walk by their owners).

There is sufficient parking on the tarred area near the gate and the treed area is well within walking distance.

I wish to applaud the SRA for the positive impact that they make on the lives of so many residents and visitors to the suburb and thank them for what they do as volunteers.

They maintain the parks in the area to enhance our suburb for all.

I wish that the whiners who have so much to say in the Advertiser would also undertake to do their bit for the community, instead of standing on the side and complaining about everything that does not suit everyone.

Gail Rokebrand,

Selcourt Enclosure Resident.

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