Free education: what does the future hold?

Students across the country recently made history when they started the #FeesMustFall protest at universities.

The protest resulted in president Jacob Zuma announcing that fees will not be increased in 2016.

This satisfied the majority of students, but some were not so content and demanded free tertiary education.

While I completely understand the need for affordable education, I cannot begin to imagine how a free system will work.

If everybody could then just stroll into a university and grab a degree and stroll out, it will most probably reduce the value of a degree or a diploma.

How will access be controlled?

The only logical thing I can think of is to make entry requirements stricter, but I can also see a few holes in this.

I’m torn between understanding the students’ point and knowing that something as worthwhile as a diploma or degree is worth working hard for.

If every ‘Jan rap en sy maat’ can get a degree without having to pay anything for it, then what is its value?

Would it be valuable for an employer to now employ someone with a degree?

I doubt it, because every second person would have one.

Plus, as one local business owner told me recently, they would be fearful of hiring students who took part in the protest as they may

protest just as easily as employees if they are not happy.

And I understand that point too.

I actually don’t have a strong opinion about this as I cannot decide which is right or wrong.As I’m told so often, children are the future and they need to be educated accordingly to lead the world to a better future.

But I cannot decide if this is what is meant and if this is the way to do it.

So, this is my last say on the matter and I will close further discussions with myself on the topic because my brain never shuts up about it.

I’m neutral.

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