Tracy Lee Stark
Photographer and Multimedia Producer
2 minute read
29 May 2018
1:03 pm

Montecasino is perfect for date night with a little diva

Tracy Lee Stark

Montecasino is the perfect getaway for a little girl – from bubble baths to having 'wine' served on a silver platter.

Southern Sun Montecasino. Picture: Supplied

I took my daughter on a date night. It was a surprise and the first time she would be staying in a hotel.

It was a little confusing for her – why would we stay in a hotel ten minutes from home? That was until we arrived and we booked in at the Southern Sun Montecasino before we were to watch The Sound of Music at the Teatro.

We had a good few hours to walk around and explore another side of Monte Casino. We walked the amazing gardens and ordered a drink at the gorgeous infinity pool, and even though you could hear the hum of the Friday afternoon traffic, it didn’t matter because we weren’t rushing.

My seven-year-old totally acted  like she was one of the stars – in fact, the diva of the show. She quickly navigated how to watch her favourite TV shows from the bath, chin-high in bubbles.

She ordered her juice to be served in a wine glass and made sure the room service food would be served on a silver tray, covered with a silver dome, to be lifted once it arrived. It was – and she simply said “fancy”. Even though she ordered a margarita pizza, she ate it like it was the most expensive caviar.

Mia Stark van Niekerk jumps on the bed after her stay at Southern Sun Montecasino. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

We had a short walk to the Teatro – I’m sure she was wondering why she wasn’t collected in a limo. The show was an absolute treat with my little diva telling everyone she was staying in a hotel, being served “wine” in the bath.

My usually shy little girl walked out singing at the top of her lungs, The hills are alive with the sound of music, cartwheeling into the hotel lobby, definitely obtaining full-blown diva status.

Once back in the room, the first thing was to order more room service. Then she snuggled into her queen-size bed and was adamant to stay awake the whole night watching cartoons and eating off silver platters. She tried her hardest but finally fell asleep way past her bed time.

The best treat for a mom? Blackout curtains, because she also slept way past the normal 5am wake-up time.

On finally waking, she had her breakfast served in bed – how else? And what would a hotel stay be without a last jump on the bed? If she could have stayed forever I’m sure she would have. Unfortunately for Miss Diva it was a school day – on top of that a Monday – but what a way to start the week.

  • The Show & Stay offers are available to all show ticket holders at Montecasino’s three hotels. Once you’ve booked your tickets to see the latest show, you qualify for big discounts on meals and accommodation.

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