Jim Freeman
6 minute read
8 Mar 2020
8:16 am

Road tripping for real in Cape Town

Jim Freeman

The Mother City is best enjoyed in a relaxed fashion away from the peak season rush.

Misty Cliffs, Cape Town. Picture: Jim Freeman

I hate to destroy your illusions of us Capetonians but, actually, few of us are so wealthy we can dine at The Test Kitchen twice a week or watch the sun go down over the Atlantic from the roof bar at Radisson RED in the Waterfront whenever the mood takes us. Those few, those happy few however… You’ll not see our impecunious arses hanging out on Camps Bay beach when the sun is shining nor playing polo at Val de Vie when a French bubbly company is stroking the withers of the horse-riding fraternity. Nonetheless, we live here and we...