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By Hein Kaiser


Go first class all the way with MSC Splendida

Hein Kaiser talks about his own adventure on the MSC Yacht cruise, sharing his experiences with the food and drinks on the trip.

The arrival of the MSC Splendida also ushers in a new kind of cruising. The frills and thrills, luxury kind. It’s called the Yacht Club and elevates a cruise to the next level because it is simply a pleasure. The Yacht Club is an inclusive experience with a limited number of cabins, about 70 or so, with private, controlled access, its own reception, lounge and pool and whirlpool deck.

Yacht Club residents can even slip their cruise cards into the lift, jump the queue and prioritise their ups and downs over the general population. An exclusive library stocks an impressive variety of reading material. A butler is included in the deal, too. Dedicated to making your experience better, they’ll even walk you to dinner if you worry about getting lost. If you wake up at 3am, they will get to fulfil your second sleep whims or bring you breakfast in bed.

Picture: Hein Kaser
The Yacht Club exclusive section is MSC Cruises’ First Class. Picture: Hein Kaiser

Luxury redefined in the yacht club experience

Yacht Club cabins are more luxurious than stock-standard deck-issue. There are smaller suites, deluxe suites, family suites with lounges and loads of space. A mini bar is stocked to your liking, and pillows can be preordered from a range of fluffy options. L’Olivera, the incredible restaurant at the aft of the ship, is the silver-service dining experience for Yacht Club guests.

The food here can be summarised in a single word, exquisite. The private pool, woven tanning beds, attentive bar service and all-day snacks and cocktails really sets the Yacht Club apart. It’s never overcrowded, and it’s possible to spend the entire day in the sun, soaking up rays and cocktails, and getting an all-over tan. Nobody bats an eyelid here. It’s first-class, and it’s classy. Cruising the Yacht Club way really changes the way you experience a cruise. It gives you options, which are important. Critically, most drinks are included in Yacht Club packages, including the fine cocktails the bars serve.

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