How to style your bed like an expert

Style up your bedroom with the following tips:

We’ve all tried at least once to recreate the lavish ‘hotel bed’ look at home, and more often than not, it doesn’t turn out right. To help you achieve the classic bedroom look, and to style your bed, Block & Chisel teamed up with luxury bedding experts Falucca Fine Linen to show you how to do it. From headboard to fitted sheet, scatter cushion to duvet inner.

Tips from the experts

When it comes to styling your bed, each detail should elevate the overall look and feel. The end result shouldn’t only look great, but also offer you the comfort level you require for quality rest. Here are three important points:

Create a beautiful island

As your bed is the focal point of the room, it’s important to give it a great deal of attention. Wooden side tables and good reading lamps are great addition. Adding a rug will make the space feel complete and offers extra warmth and comfort. Even in a carpeted bedroom, a rug helps highlight and define the bed area. Make sure you choose a rug that is large enough so that you can place your bed on top of it and still have a metre or so bordering the bed.  

Headboards and bedends

Headboards and bedends play an important role. Not only is your headboard a strong style reference, it is also a barrier between you and a cold wall. On the other end, a bedend offers a place to store scatters, or sit when you’re putting on shoes. It may be all about style, but style should also be functional.

The crowning glory

Give your bed as much attention as your bedroom furniture. Go for the highest quality natural bedding you can afford, but keep this simple and build the interest with throws and scatters. Take all the bedding elements into consideration. From the type of inners you require for duvets and pillows (duck down, goose down or another fibre), to the fabric of your bed linen (natural fibres such as Egyptian cotton are best), as well as the level of detail you want. Invest in good quality classic furniture. This allows you to play around with the look and feel by simply changing soft furnishings such as scatter cushions, throws and bed linen.  

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