Police investigate possible serial rapist

Two rape cases have been reported from victims who reside in Old Coronation.

On Friday, February 6 at about 00:30 a 21-year-old woman was walking with her boyfriend in Old Coronation.
Her boyfriend was on his way to work at the station. They were approached by two men, one had a knife and other held a panga.
The suspect with the panga pulled the woman into the bushes, they forced her to lie down and both raped her.

She was left in the bushes, and she did not know what happened to her boyfriend.
A case was opened at Witbank Police Station.
The police are busy with an investigation and they are looking into a possible serial rapist in Old Coronation, following a number of cases. They are warning people not to walk around at night.

A 23-year-old woman was raped at 12:00 on Saturday, February 7 in Watermeyer Street.
The woman said that she was at a certain business place when an unknown man approached her and offered employment.
They walked together to another business. When they got to the gate he asked her for her ID book to enter through the gate.
He then told her as she has not got her ID book with her they must use the other gate, so they walked along a gravel road.
He pulled out a firearm, told her to take all her clothes off and to lie down on her stomach.
He then raped her, took two cell phones and left.

No shots were fired and a case has been opened at Witbank Police Station.

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