Another truck caught off guard by blue lights

Two suspects hijacked Mr Selokela Mundluthe’s truck using the ‘sirens, blue lights’ tactic.

Two suspects hijacked Mr Selokela Mundluthe’s truck using the ‘sirens, blue lights’ tactic.
On Thursday, November 17 the man was driving his employee’s truck on the N12 highway, just 500 metres away from eMalahleni.

It was around 18:20 when the van that was driving behind him sounded a siren and stopped in front of the truck.
In the van were three occupants but only two came out. Dressed neatly in their formal wear one suspect went to the passenger door side and the other one to the driver’s side.

Mundluthe rolled down his window and the suspect asked for his drivers licence, as he was searching for it he was allegedly pointed at with a firearm being instructed to move to the middle.
The 35-year-old was now sitting in the middle; he was hit on the head by one of the suspects and ordered him to go to the back of the truck where he had to lay down with two other men that were inside the truck.

“We were told not to look at them, but to look down.”

As the truck was moving the suspects searched it, looking for valuable items they could take.

The truck drove to Boksburg where Mundluthe’s assistant from work called asking where he was, but because he had a gun at his head, the one suspect told him to lie. The man responded by saying he was safe and was on his way.
After passing a prison they stopped next to a ditch where they all descended and the suspects demanded their bank cards.

They handed them over with the correct pins just like they requested and the money was withdrawn.
It was now around 22:00 when the two suspects left with the truck leaving Mundluthe and the two men behind. The three men walked towards robots where they asked a taxi driver for a lift to the nearest garage.

There they were able to phone police to report the crime and an ambulance also came to take them to hospital as they were badly injured as well. Fortunately the truck was found the following day.

“It was a shock when all of this happened, but I am fine just not back at work yet.”

Police spokesperson, Capt Edide Hall has profusely emphasised the need for people to be vigilant of suspects driving cars with blue lights and sirens pretending to be police officers.

“It is the festive season and there is a lot of crime going on. Please make sure a police van is clearly marked, if you are not at ease about a supposed police car, drive to the nearest police station to verify if the people are legit or not,” stated Capt Hall.

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