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Robberies are bad for business

One of the security officers noticed five suspects trying to break the window of his guard room

A robbery could cause major setbacks for businesses whether equipment or money was stolen.

A robbery was reported to have happened at a school in Klarinet where a few electronics were taken.

Five alleged male suspects targeted the two security officers that were on duty that morning.

The robbery took place on Tuesday, October 15 at around 01:15 early in the morning.

One of the security officers noticed five suspects trying to break the window of his guard room.

The security officer alleged to the police that two of the suspects had firearms and that they managed to break the windows and burglars of the guard room.

The suspects asked the security officer about the whereabouts of his colleague and he told them that he was in the other guard room at the back of the school.

He further alleged to the police that the suspects forcefully took him to his colleague.

The colleague locked himself inside his guard room when he saw them but opened and came out after he was threatened by the suspects to be shot at.

The two were left with one of the suspects when the other four went to the offices including the principal’s office and stole two computer monitors, a laminating machine and groceries from the store room.

The suspects were heard to be speaking Sepedi.

Fortunately, the security guards were not hurt.

A business robbery case was opened at Witbank Police Station.

Another business robbery was reported from a shop in Eddie Street in the Central Business District (CBD) area later the same day at around 18:52 in the evening.

Two alleged male suspects entered the shop with their faces covered with red masks.

A lady who was on duty at the till point alleged to the police that both the suspects were armed with firearms, one pointed at the customer inside the shop and the other one pointed at her demanding money.

She gave them the money that was in the till which was R1 200.

The suspects ran away with the money.

No one was reported to be hurt.

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