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Brothers’ App’roach’ to help

The Teachist App is available to download for free from Google Play

Teaching and helping your kids with school work is not always easy and is even tougher during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vuyo Nkadimeng (20) who is currently pursuing a computer science degree together with his brother Edward Nkadimeng (26) who is pursuing his PhD in physics is trying to assist you through The Teachist App (Application).

This is a free online platform that was rolled out for public use on July 21 and can be downloaded on the Google Playstore.

The Teachist App is dedicated to assisting South African learners to have access to academic resources such as study guides, worksheets, exam papers and videos, all free of charge.

Vuyo and Edward co-founders of the non-profit company and free online learning platform Teachist is inspired to help others through the launch of their new App.

They also provide online tutoring on various subjects and even going beyond the scope of subjects taught at school to include robotics and programming for kids.

Vuyo said: “Our goal above anything else is to provide free quality learning to anyone who can access it. We believe in overcoming our circumstances by gaining something that can not be taken away from us – education. Education to us is the passport to the future because tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

Vuyo Nkadimeng.

The overall designing, developing, coding and implementation of the entire app took roughly about six months and they are currently developing an Apple iOS version but is being delayed due to funding to implement it to the Apple Store.

Vuyo also said: “Our next project is developing an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to assist us in creating a more user-friendly platform and to help us to incorporate more content and interactive instruments to make learning easier and fun”.

They are also currently in talks with the Mpumalanga Department of Basic Education in a collaborative approach to help underprivileged kids in eMalahleni and surrounding areas to access all the study materials that they need in an attempt to uplift the youth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Teachist App is available to download for free from Google Play.

For more information also visit www.teachist.co.za.

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