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Get snapping for World Animal Day on October 4

Animal welfare organisations are welcome to submit images of animals in their care

World Animal Day HQ has launched an international photo challenge, aimed at amateur and professional photographers, inviting them to submit inspiring images of all types of animals.

The annual celebration of animals, held on October 4 every year, is coordinated by Naturewatch Foundation, a UK-based animal welfare charity that has campaigned on behalf of animals for over 25 years.

On World Animal Day, hundreds of activities are held by individuals and groups to raise awareness, or funds, for a multitude of animal welfare causes and issues.

This year, due to COVID-19, much of the participation will be virtual, including the ‘Animal Photos of the Year’ challenge.

Keen photographers are invited to submit images of animals of all species.

A selection of them will be displayed on the World Animal Day website banner throughout the month leading up to October 4.

Four outstanding images will feature on the day itself when website traffic is at its busiest.

People from around the world, and from all walks of life, are invited to take part.

Animal welfare organisations are welcome to submit images of animals in their care.

“Like others, our income has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic,” said Caroline Ruane, campaign manager at World Animal Day and Naturewatch Foundation.

“Although we aren’t able to offer a cash prize, all images used will be credited, with the photographer’s permission. Being featured on our website banner is a fantastic opportunity, especially for a budding shutterbug, fledgling photography business, or animal welfare organisation. The hashtag will go viral on October 4, bringing a huge number of international visitors to our home page and social media channels.”

• In 2019, the hashtag, #WorldAnimalDay, trended in 56 countries.
• #WorldAnimalDay reached 39 million people last year.
• The Spanish hashtag, #DiaMundialDeLosAnimales, also trended.
• Other translations included Hindi, French, Italian, German, Chinese, and Greek.

Compassionate celebrities around the world regularly share photos of animals on World Animal Day – an observation that Ruane hopes will motivate others to ‘get snapping’.

“We’re not necessarily looking for technical perfection from expensive equipment,” said Ruane.

“People can take fantastic photos using their camera phones. It’s crucial for the images to inspire empathy and action. We want to raise the status of animals worldwide. Our priority is that people consider animals of all species as sentient beings on World Animal Day – and throughout the year.”

The deadline for entries is 11:59 on Thursday, August 27.

There is no admission fee.

Images must adhere to animal welfare standards.

Full information, including guidelines and submission requirements, can be found on the website:

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