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‘Geduld-brug’ is nearly halfway

The bridge will be widened to the east

Road users will have to have a little more patience as completion of the OR Tambo Bridge is only 48% complete.

“It is anticipated that the construction on the bridge will be complete by the end of June,” said Ms Solange Soares from TRAC.

She said the contractor is currently busy with the diaphragm beams and then they will start with the deck after the Easter weekend.

The bridge will be widened to the east.

This will allow for an additional 3.5m lane travelling southbound over the bridge and a 2.5m wide walkway.

The work for the superstructure started in November 2020, and it includes the demolition of the existing walkway on the eastern side of the bridge.

The existing interchange ramps will also be upgraded to allow for additional turning lanes.

The traffic lights will be affected during this period and TRAC will be employing points men to assist in alleviating the congestion during peak times.

A stop and go will only be used to place the new beams for the widening of the bridge.

This will result in a stop/go of one hour and will be done during off-peak hours in order not to have a negative impact on traffic flow.

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