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Four-legged ‘children’ are at risk

More and more dog poisonings are reported in Ward 20 in Blanchville.

Poisoning is every dog owner’s worst nightmare.

‘Has my dog been poisoned?’ is a terrifying thought, but the reality is that it can happen to your pet.

More and more dog poisonings are reported in Ward 20 in Blanchville.

A homeowner in Blanchville, Mr Dion Slabbert, told WITBANK NEWS that his neighbour’s Rottweiler was poisoned.

“On Tuesday, June 29 both my dogs vomited blood and there was blood in their faeces. Luckily they are alright, but my neighbour was not so lucky because his second dog had to be taken to a vet and put on a drip,” Slabbert said.

He said he noticed two men and a woman in front of his yard on June 30 calling out.

“Both my dogs went out and barked fiercely. I think they were there to see if the dogs were dead because the moment they saw the dogs they walked away.”

Ms Simoné van Lingen from the SPCA said every dog owner should have poison packs in their medicine cupboard just in case.

“Poisoning a dog is the most inhumane way to kill an animal. Aldicarb, also known as Two-step or Tumik is most in most cases used to poison dogs. If you think your dog has been poisoned, you must act quickly,” Van Lingen said.

The SPCA sells poison packs at R30 a dose or R50 for two doses.

The poison packs are also sold at some vets and shops.

For more advice, you are welcome to phone Simoné on 013 650 2321.




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