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Municipality’s lack of maintenance on their most important department’s fleet leads to disaster

Neighbours tried to extinguish the fire with garden hoses and scooped up water from the swimming pool.

Emalahleni Local Municipality’s fire department should be a priority and an upgrade on the outdated equipment is needed urgently.

The fire department could not contain a fire on Friday, November 10 because their generator did not work and secondly, when their fire truck eventually arrived there was no water pressure.

The house in Erasmus Street suffered a lot of damage.

“The firefighters had to find a fire hydrant and connect their fire hoses from it. But, the fire hoses had so many holes in them, it made it impossible to contain the fire,” the homeowner said.

He asked to be kept anonymous.

He complimented the SPCA and said they were on the scene within a few minutes to rescue a dog from inside the house.

Damage to the house in Erasmus Street.

“If the fire department were as speedy as the SPCA my house could have been saved,” said the homeowner.

On September 18 the chapel at Indlela Lodge burned to the ground when a veldt fire spiralled out of control.


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