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Help your child make a felt llama

When it comes to plush making, we're obsessed with animal patterns. This time we're making a felt llama plush.

Are you looking for something fun and crafty to do with the kiddos today? You won’t be needing much to make this llama plush.

What you need

  • Felt fabrics
  • Needle and thread
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scissors
  • Cotton or scrap felt
  • Colourful pompoms
  • Llama template (click here)

How to make it

  1. Download the Llama Pattern Template.
  2. Print the template on a paper and help your child cut it out using scissors.
  3. Trace the template pattern on a piece of felt using a black gel pen and then cut out the traced patterns.
  4. Decide which body cutout you’ll use for the front side of the plush, or you can stitch on both sides. If you choose to stitch face details on both body cutouts, make sure to stitch it on the opposite side of the previous one’s side. Use the black gel pen to draw the face details on the head part of the llama. Prepare needle with black thread and stitch the traced face details.
  5. Take any one of the body cutouts and place it on a flat surface with its wrong side (back side of the stitch) facing upwards. Place the ear cutouts on the top side of the head part, by slightly overlapping them with the head part.
  6. Place the second body cutout on top of the first, but this time make sure the right side is facing up.
  7. Place the hair cutout (the semi-circular piece with a zigzag border) on the top side of the head, with its zigzag side facing downwards. Prepare needle and thread and stitch the sides to join all items together. Start from the top side, to join the ears, hair and both body cutouts on the top side.
  8. Keep stitching until a small opening is left. Stuff the llama plush through this small opening. You can stuff the llama with cotton or scrap felt fabrics. Once the stuffing is done stitch the open end to secure the stuffing. Tie a knot or two and then cut off extra thread.
  9. Take the pattern prepared for the saddle of the llama. Select 3 or more different colored threads to stitch some pretty embroidery patterns on the saddle cutout. Use a pen to trace patterns on the saddle cutout. Do simple running stitches and zigzag stitches or any stitch you can or want to do.
  10. When you’re through stitching, move the needle to the back side of the fabric, tie a knot, and snip off any excess thread.
  11. Stitch around the sides of the felt llama plush, adding even pieces of the saddle on both sides. You may also use fabric adhesive to adhere it to the llama for a quicker and faster method.
  12. Take some colourful pompoms and wrap them around the sides of the saddle.

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